Clear's RT technology won hot attention at the IAF

On November 12-15, 2019, the "Commercialization Round Table Meeting of WSH technology” co-sponsored by the bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and South Africa WRC (Water Research Commission) was held in Johannesburg. Coincidentally, the IAF (Investment in Africa Forum) was held at the same place same time, which gathered 5 Presidents of states , decision makers of water sanitation and environmental protection from countries of Africa, who together witnessed the implementation, transformation and promotion of WSH technologies becoming greater significance to mankind.

Clear was invited toparticipate in the 5-day exchange and exhibition of the Round Table Meeting and stood out as the only technology pioneer who enjoys mature market application and in field operation, and especially attracted the attention of Ms. Lindiwe Sisulu, the Minister of People Settlement, Water Sanitation and Environmental protection of South Africa. Minister Sisulu visited Clear’s booth in person, sat down and listened to the introduction of Clear’s  technology a practice sharing of Clear’s RT. She highly recognized the promotion model of Clear’s RT in China's rural primary schools, and seriously said in the end : “ I also need to buy a unit of Clear’s RT system for my backyard!”

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